1% Sales Tax Referendum Information Session with City of South Beloit Staff & Elected Officials was held on Wednesday, March 13th, 4 pm to 6 pm at South Beloit City Council Chambers, 519 Blackhawk Blvd, South Beloit.  Please click here to download the information presented at the meeting, and questions asked and answered during the session. 

At the General Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the following proposition will be submitted to the voters of the City of South Beloit as a referendum item:

Shall the City of South Beloit, Illinois impose a 1% Retailers’ and Service Occupation Tax (commonly referred to as a “Sales Tax”) for expenditure on public roadway infrastructure in accordance with Sections 8-11-1.3 and 8-11-1.4 of the Illinois Municipal Code until December 31, 2029?

The 1% increase is to be used for roads only (no other infrastructure) and has a 5-year sunset clause. The tax would be generated January 1, 2025 through December 31, 2029.