Permit License Applications

Permit Information


A Boat Permit with sticker is required to fish in Lake Victoria. The yearly fee for residents living inside the City limits is $20.00. The fee for residents outside of the City limits is $50.00. Permit and Boat Stickers can be purchased at the City Clerk’s Office. Current drivers license and boat registration is required. The fee for a single daily launch permit is $6.00. Please use envelopes provided near the boat launch area for payment and permit. Permit must be placed on vehicle. Boats shall not exceed 17 Feet long and must not exceed 55 lb thrust for trolling motors. No Gasoline motors are allowed.

All new and replacement fences require review and approval for permit through the City Clerk’s Office.

Metal Detector Permits are required. You must register your metal detector(s) if you use the device on public property. The yearly permit runs January – December, and is renewable every year. There is no charge for the permit.

Rummage sale permits are required. You are allowed to have 3 rummage/garage sales per year at 45 day intervals. There is no charge for the permit.

Downloadable License Applications
Filename Date
liquor license form.pdf 2012-07-19
retailliquoremployee.pdf 2011-07-17
taxi_license.pdf 2011-07-17
Downloadable Zoning/Property Applications
Filename Date
building permit application.pdf 2012-07-09
special use permit.pdf 2012-06-03
zoning appeal application.pdf 2012-06-03
zoning map amendment.pdf 2012-06-03
zoning variance.pdf 2012-06-03
Fence Application.pdf 2013-11-06
Sign Applicaiton.pdf 2013-11-06
Downloadable Loan Applications
Filename Date
revolving_loan.pdf 2011-07-17
Miscellaneous Forms
Filename Date
boat permits.pdf 2013-04-30
clearwater inspection.pdf 2013-04-30
miscellaneous license form 2013-2014.pdf 2012-07-03
request_for_public_records(foia).pdf 2011-09-28
sewer certification updated.pdf 2013-03-02
smtd_form.pdf 2011-07-17
smtd_guide.pdf 2011-07-17
swimming pool application for south beloit.pdf 2012-06-03
Sewer Service Application.pdf

License forms, and other public documents are provided in good faith. We attempt to keep them as up-to-date as possible. If you are concerned about a document version, please contact the South Beloit City Clerk’s office at 815-389-3023.