IllinoisAmericanWaterLogoWe are pleased to announce that the City of South Beloit has received a grant from Illinois American Water for supporting programming at Nature At The Confluence (NATC). 

Nature At the Confluence is one of five organizations that have received funding for five watershed initiatives across Illinois through the company’s 2016 Environmental Grant Program. South Beloit will receive a $3,000 grant for its Nature at the Confluence Stream Team programming to educate and engage residents in clean water and community revitalization efforts. This is the third year in a row that Illinois American Water has supported initiatives at the confluence project through their grant progam. Learn more about Nature At The Confluence at their website.

Nature at the Confluence Stream Team

The program we’re introducing the “Stream Team” concept that is based on a successful program in Washington State. Stream Team programs will use a multi-faceted approach to engage citizens in being stewards of our community’s land and water assets.  These programs will be launched this year with the goal of repeating and growing these programs in subsequent years.

Our Water Assets | Mississippi and Rock River Basin

Turtle Creek – flows from Wisconsin into the Rock River right at NATC property.

Kelly Creek – This is a buried creek that daylights right on NATC property and flows into the Rock River. Nothing is known about Kelly Creek’s origin as it is completely covered by the City of South Beloit and its water quality has never been assessed.

Rock River – We are located at the halfway point along this 340 mile National Water Trail.

About Nature At The Confluence

Nature at The Confluence (NATC) is an initiative to transform the area of land where Turtle Creek meets the Rock River into a community space that celebrates the natural and historical significance of the land. The site of this project is located in South Beloit, Illinois. The land was used as a dumping ground for over 100 years, with waste foundry sand and other industrial solid waste regularly deposited on the land leading to over 8 feet of industrial fill and debris.

The focal point of this project is the “Confluence Center”, a cluster of three reclaimed buildings from an old muffler shop. Beloit 2020 has secured funding for this project and construction will begin in Spring/Summer of 2016 to transform this derelict property into a beautiful community asset.  It will serve as an outdoor recreation and education center for area families and students and will be programmed as a place that practices and celebrates ecological restoration and natural education.