This letter is to inform you of the upcoming construction activity that will be taking place soon as part of the 2021 MFT Streets Program, and to alert you to any minor travel disruptions. Work to be completed by the Contractor as part of this project includes pavement removal, full-depth reclamation, new hot-mix asphalt, aggregate shoulder work, and other related appurtenances. The following locations will be affected by construction activities:
1. Surf Court
2. Surf Trail from Hanna Way to De La Tour Drive
3. Fox Run Drive
4. Lozenge Court
5. Lozenge Drive from Surf Trail to Chevron Drive
6. Pheon Drive
7. Saltire Drive
8. Chevron Drive from Lozenge Drive to De La Tour Drive

The project is anticipated to be completed the week of September 6th (weather dependent). The contract that the City has entered into with the contractor stipulates that reasonable access to all properties must be maintained at all times. Throughout the duration of the project, on-street parking will be prohibited in construction areas during the hours of 6:00am thru 6:00pm. This allows the contractor to work more quickly and efficiently until the project is completed.

You may contact Brandon Boggs, the City Engineer, at (815) 525-3269 with any questions or concerns that you may have. As always, thank you for your support and patience on what is a much needed and great improvement to South Beloit’s roadways.