City Clerk

TracyPatrickSouth Beloit City Clerk

City Clerk: Tracy Patrick
South Beloit City Hall
519 Blackhawk Blvd. Suite 2
Office hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday-Friday

The duties of the City Clerk’s Office include:

  • Freedom of Information (FOIA) Officer
  • Filing and preservation of papers and documents
  • Maintenance of indexes
  • Preparation and publication of statements and reports required by law
  • Maintenance of order book
  • Maintenance of license records
  • Registry of bonds
  • Collection of revenue
  • Accounting revenue
  • Disposition of revenue
  • Collection and disposition of special assessments
  • Maintain record of current expenses
  • Maintain record of city-owned property
  • Issuance of notice
  • Authority over supplies
  • Supervision over printing
  • All other duties imposed by state upon city clerks

General Notices

PARK SHELTER RESERVATIONS are made by calling the City Clerk’s Office 389-3023. Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.

SEWER BILL PAYMENTS are accepted at City Hall 519 Blackhawk Blvd.

VOTING Click here to find out where to vote 

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE COLLECTION: Garbage collections is provided to residents of South Beloit through a contract with the waste hauler and the City. Normal household garbage must be placed at curbside no later than 6AM of the scheduled pickup day and empty containers removed from curbside no later than 6PM of that day. Refuse is collected on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday unless a Legal Holiday* falls on the collection day. (*Legal Holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) New residents need to call the City Clerk’s Office to register for the collection day designated for their area. Removal of bulk items are permitted, and should be placed at curbside on the same day as your normal collection day. Hot ashes, construction material, and rocks are prohibited from the service. Empty paint cans are part of the collection so long as the container is empty and the lid is removed.
If paint remains in the container, it can be absorbed with oil dry or kitty litter which is to be disposed of in your garbage container, leaving the container empty with lid off.

Employee Handbook